11 Jan 2006

Some challenge for sharp fellows

Submitted by Paul Brown
  • You have 8 balls and one of them is heavier. You have a scale which you can use twice to find the heavy ball.
  • The first one is too easy for some, so go on... Take a pen and paper for this one. You have 12 balls and one of them is heavier or lighter than the rest. You can use a scale 3 times to find the defective ball. Do not forget, you do not whether is is heavy or light...
  • You are in front of a faucet. You have a bucket of 5 liters and a bucket of 3 liters. Can you obtain any amount of water from 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 liters by only using these two buckets.

I borrowed these logic puzzles from my friend Liyakat's blog.

2 Jan 2006

Sarah and Kevin are having a baby!

Submitted by Paul Brown

Sarah and Kevin broke some wonderful news Christmas Day: Sarah is pregnant and they will have a baby! He or she (they can't see yet) should be born in the middle of July.

They shared the news by giving this picture as their last present:

Mom didn't recognize that it was a sonogram (it is, in case you didn't recognize it either), so it took her a little to catch on to what it meant. We're praying for the little guy or gal asking God to watch out for him or her and for Sarah and Kevin!

This message that I got on a copy of a tape from David Stember way back my freshman year of college has been pretty formative in how I think about dating and relationships. It was given by Troy Nesbit, who is a teaching pastor at Cornerstone Church and a former director of the Salt Company (way back). I don't know exactly when he gave this message but it is before my time at ISU.

Feel free to download and listen! I even tried to reconstruct the message notes based on the comments Troy makes during the message. A big THANK-YOU to my dad for digitizing the tape for me.


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