4 May 2008

New Feature: Email Updates

Submitted by Paul Brown

I've added the RSS feeds for my site and the photo galleries to Feedburner, so now you can get updates by email instead of using an RSS reader. Emails are sent once every evening for each subscription, so you won't get a separate email for every new photo or blog post when multiple new items are posted in a day, a feature especially good for the galleries. To subscribe to the emails, use the following links:
Subscribe to pdb.homelinux.net by Email
Subscribe to Paul's Gallery by Email
Subscribe to Sarah's Gallery by Email
Subscribe to MJBrown Gallery by Email

I think Feedburner is not evil, so you aren't setting yourself up for spam by using this service. I've been trying it out for a week or so, and so far it seems very nice.



You are a genious honey, thanks for making it even easier for us!! Have a terrific day!