20 Apr 2014

Exciting News: We are now "The Brown Tribe"

Submitted by Paul Brown

Goodbye pdb.homelinux.net ---- Hello thebrowntribe.net

I am proud to introduce the latest news in the web presence of me and my family: We now have our internet home at thebrowntribe.net! The old homelinux.net addresses will continue to work for a limited time, but you should update any links or addressbook entries you may have for us to point to the new domain.

The reason for the change is twofold: One, pdb.homelinux.net is not a very pretty domain. When I first started using the DynDNS service a decade ago, it was for my own private use and had no public face. Now Holly is blogging regularly from that address and we are using it for email, but it is not especially pretty or memorable, and trying to point people to pdb.homelinux.net verbally has not been easy. ("Dot Home--what???") Two, DynDNS announced earlier this month that their free dynamic DNS service would no longer be free. That means that we would be PAYING for the privilege of using a domain that we weren't that fond of. We already had the new thebrowntribe.net domain in the works before the DynDNS announcement, but once we learned of the change to a paid service, we decided to go ahead and flip the switch for the change.

To help with the transition, I put together the table below:


Location Old Address New Address
Holly's Blog http://pdb.homelinux.net/~holly/ http://thebrowntribe.net
Paul's Blog http://pdb.homelinux.net http://paul.thebrowntribe.net
Photo Gallery http://pdb.homelinux.net/gallery/ http://gallery.thebrowntribe.net


Old Address New Address
pdbrown[at] ieee.org
pdb[at] pdb.homelinux.net
paul[at] thebrowntribe.net
holly[at] pdb.homelinux.net holly[at] thebrowntribe.net
paulandholly[at] pdb.homelinux.net paulandholly[at] thebrowntribe.net

As we start using the new addresses and as I get redirects set up to forward the old addresses to the new ones, if you get errors from our webserver, suspect that email is not getting through, or otherwise notice anything that isn't working right, please let me or Holly know so I can get it straightened out.