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10 Jan 2008

The ending date for my giveaway of Commentary on the New Testament Use of the Old Testament was tomorrow, but I am extending it through Monday. I have not received very many entries so far (thank you to those who responded!), and I would like to open it up a little bit. I am going to waive the requirement that the entry include a correct determination of the OT verse most often quoted in the NT. Just make a guess, any guess, and you will be entered in the drawing. I would also add that even if you don't want a commentary for yourself, maybe you know someone who would really appreciate this kind of reference. Entries will be accepted via by comment or by my personal email (if you are lucky enough to know it—no way I am sticking it on the web).

I completed my survey of all the NT quotations of the OT. I put together a database, so I will be able to make the full data available at the time that I reveal the most-frequently quoted verse and the results of the drawing. The commentary is in my possession, too, so I can say that based on my initial glance, it will be clear enough to be useful to the layman (like me) but detailed enough to scratch the deepest scholarly itch of those with the benefit of seminary training.

8 Nov 2007

Gallery Upgraded

Submitted by Paul Brown

I got my gallery upgraded from Gallery v1 to Gallery2. This is a major step up and took a bit to get it working just so. For me, the main reason to upgrade was to get some tools to fight comment spam. Here are some useful features that you might notice:

  • Availability of RSS feedsto watch when new photos are added
  • With optional registration, you can get email updates when photos are added or when there are new comments. (Select "watch" from the menu.)
  • More flexible templating (i.e. more eye candy)

Just a little something new here on pdb.homelinux.net!

23 Aug 2007

A fresh new look

Submitted by Paul Brown

As much as I liked the previous template--which did significant development of myself--it had been there for a long time, so I thought it was time for a new one. So here it is! This one was mostly ready to go "out of the box", but I changed a few things to get more space in the page.


9 Aug 2007


Submitted by Paul Brown

I'm trying out a new captcha module that will not only protect my site from spambots but will also help digitize texts for archive.org. See, now you can leave me comments to show me some love and benefit humanity at the same time! If it doesn't work, drop me an email or use the feedback form.

3 Jul 2007

So many posts!

Submitted by Paul Brown

My pace of posting over the last couple of weeks has taken a significant uptick over what it had been for a long time before this. The reason for this is that I am trying to write more as a means of developing my ability to articulate what I am thinking. Do you ever have times where you have been cogitating on something for a while, and you start to share your ideas with a friend, and you have a hard time explaining yourself coherently. Maybe not, but I do!

So, in order to get better at thinking things through far enough to formulate the thoughts in words, sentences, and paragraphs, I've been writing and posting more. Posting on my website allows my friends and family (and the random passerby?) to share in my thoughts and add their own--and to offer correction if I am unwittingly out in left field. I really appreciate the comments that have been contributed!

A tip to help keep up with updates on any kind of "blog" site like this: find out about RSS. There are many resources on the internet that can help you get started using RSS to keep up with changes to websites. Here is one. I use "Live Bookmarks" in Firefox to give me a folder on my toolbar containing feeds of all the sites that I read on a regular basis. The RSS feed for pdb.homelinux.net is available at the following URL:



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