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10 Mar 2007

Drupal Upgrade

Submitted by Paul Brown

This morning I upgraded to the lastest version of Drupal (now at 5.1). Here are a few of the improvements that I've made:

  • The addition of a little math question when you go to submit a comment. That is because I am tired of deleting spam comments.
  • If you view in Portuguese, you'll also see untranslated posts in English.
  • A prettier listing of book reviews.

One of the great things about using Open Source software that is supported by a sizeable community is that there is constant improvement, and if things still don't get fixed the way you want them, you can make the fix yourself.

20 Dec 2006

Last night I managed to successfully upgrade from Fedora Core 5 to Fedora Core 6 on my server. I uninstalled about 400 of the 1000 packages on the system, and after that the installer was able to get past the point where it had hung before. I discovered only two things that didn't work when I rebooted into FC6 for the first time, and they were easy fixes (with Google's help).

17 Dec 2006

Upgrade Attempted, Aborted

Submitted by Paul Brown

If you noticed that my server was down for the last day or so, congratulations, you are very observant! I started an upgrade of the operating system, estimating that it would take an hour or two. But the installation takes nearly an hour in the first step and hangs in the second step.

I'm going to keep trying, so you will probably see more outages, though now I think I've figured out how to identify when it is working through a long job and when it is really hung, so I won't have to give it 10 hours of just sitting there before I give up.

The fortunate thing is that the upgrade doesn't hang at a point that makes my current installation non-functional, so I can reboot back into the current version of the OS.

23 Oct 2006

Google knows all

Submitted by Paul Brown

I have started seeing in my logs that some people are being referred to my site by Google, especially to my gallery for photos. There seem to be basically two popular shots.

1. Searching for "handsome guy" leads them to
some random handsome guy

2. Searching for "toyota corolla" gives
my 2006 Toyota Corolla

I find the first one very ironic, although Elsa really did take a pretty good picture of me.



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